Is health-space right for me?

Health-space is a private community and is offered as part of a National Cancer Insitute funded research grant to improve quality of life in cancer survivors.

Enrollment in health-space is limited to cancer survivors who:

  • Have ever been diagnosed with cancer
  • Have experienced some distress in the past week
  • Are over age 18
  • Willing to check in with your health-space community several times a week, and ideally, once a day
  • Willing to complete a brief web-based questionnaire once every 3 months for up to 9 months. Those who participate will receive a $10 gift card every 3 months for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.
  • Willing to be randomized to either
    • Start in your health-space community immediately, or
    • Wait 12 weeks before starting in your health-space community